Thursday, March 26, 2015

Blank Slate

Here's the second story space that I'll be converting to my downtown Apalachicola apartment over the next few years:
The drawing is to scale, give or take a few percent.  It's good enough for basic planning purposes.  The left and top sides face two streets, the bottom side faces another building about ten feet away (good people next door), while the right side faces out over a small courtyard on the lower part and two single-story buildings (dashed lines) on the upper part.  There will ultimately be a small river-view porch somewhere on the right side.  Plumbing enters the building at the lower right.  (Conversely, the local microbrewery is catty-corner off the upper left.)  Bathroom and a small kitchen will be required, as will various living space demarcations.  The two small offices at the top end are original and should probably stay, but that is not set in stone.

So... any interior layout experts want to take a crack at helping me design this thing?  You have my email.

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