Friday, November 16, 2012

Busy week, ordinary activities.

Busted a shifter on the road bike last week.  Folks, if at all possible when buying a new bike, don't go with a 105 group, go with the next model up in Ultegra.  My last set of Ultegra components was still going strong at 30,000 miles when I sold that bike, while this 105 shifter broke just shy of 10,000 miles.  The replacement will be Ultegra, naturally, but the cost of that one part is about half of what the next bike up the line would've been.

Anyway, that necessitated a drive to Biloxi last Saturday, which always turns into a half-day trip.  Another time sink.

The real news is that I'm getting the house re-floored in the next week, meaning I'm packing out everything this week.  Ugh, and my back hurts too.  Will post before and after pictures sometime next week.

Been riding the CX bike a lot, and getting some trails cleaned up over lunch out at work.  Think I'll just ride today though.

OK, busy weekend of packing coming up.  Will post pics later.

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