Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Price of Madness

So last Friday I had the opportunity to drive a friend's new/used '08 Mustang GT (where GT = V8 + cool accessory package).  It's a very fine car, and we both agreed that his and my '12 V6 are about the same with slight differences everywhere.  The '05–'10 V8s, stock, are all in the 300 hp range.  By 2010, they'd crept up to 315, but that was about it.  The newer '11-'14 V6s are in the same power range, 305 hp stock, with a bit less torque.  But drive'em right, and they're about the same in performance (evidence), and they certainly felt the same zipping around last Friday.

OK, so what were the significant differences?  The '08 V8 just has that sound.  Glasspack a V6 all you want, and it can sound cool, but a V8 will sound cooler.  The V8 has a smidge more torque on take-off.  Nothing a driver can't work around, but the difference is there.  And then we get to milage.  I know, I know, but these cars are both daily commuters, and $hit $tacks up when the ga$ bill comes.  He's getting 21 mpg, while I'm getting 25-ish.  Well, maybe more like 23 when I drive like I mean it.  So, beginning Sunday and ending with Monday's commute home, I tried driving like a sane person and managed to eke out 26 mpg.  (29 mpg is easy to get on interstate trips, but that's a pony of a different color.)  By coincidence, my gas bill arrived in the mail yesterday too.  No road trips on this month's bill, just daily driving, perfect for a comparison.  So I did some math: what would be the monthly dollar difference if I continue to drive like a lunatic and suffer 23 mpg, or if I try to tone things down a bit and economize at 26 mpg?

Answer: $26.30 per month.

I think we know my response.
Rock on.

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