Thursday, December 5, 2013

And Here It Is!

The 2015 Mustang:

Not bad at all!  Style-wise, it's not the radical departure I was expecting a year ago, but the leaked spy photos and renderings kind of took the edge off that surprise.  The real questions are all about the new suspension.  How's it handle?  How's it perform?  The V6 and V8 engine options seem awfully similar to the current offerings, but now what about that turbocharged four cylinder option?  On the face of it, that's just too damn small for a car like this (and a reflection of the pathetic Mustang II), but does the turbo and modern engine control make it into a worthy player?  Only time – track time – will tell.

Anyway, here's a basic comprehensive article and a picture flip-page at the L.A. Times.  Extra articles at Fox, MarketWatch, and Businessweek, in case somebody decides to get stupid and start paywalling articles.   Enjoy.

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