Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Last week rye, this week hops.

Mecha Hopzilla (no shit; who makes up these names?):
vs. Southern Hops'pitality:

Open a Hopzilla and it's all "whew, I can smell that stuff!"  It's hoppy as all get out.  It's good, but it's like... I'm expecting one last zip at the end... and it just kind of turns out sweet.  Ish.

Southern Hops'titality isn't so overwhelming, I kind of miss that.  But it has a citrus zip at the end, so it's ultimately more satisfying.  That, and it's about the same price for a 6-pack vs. a 4-banger.

Pyrotechnics and a... fizzle, or a balanced performer.  (Hmmm, made that last one sound boring, but Southern Hops'pitality is anything but.)  I'll take either, but the latter is my choice.

Unrelated Side Note: Just swatted the first mosquito of 2014.  Many shall follow in his six bloody, mashed footsteps.

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