Friday, August 22, 2014

One of those small, cool things.

Driving in to work last week, listening to KLEB 1600 AM's Hot Sauce Express show – their daily 100% pure Cajun music show – not only were the songs in French, not only were the DJ's speaking in French, but some of the advertisements were too.  No, it didn't change my world, but it does add some spice and flavor to the morning commute.
Also, looking at the station's web page I see that their sister FM station KLRZ is now just another spoits twak clone.  Better listen in for the Cajun music on KLEB before it too is assimilated.

If you're inside the listening area:
1600's not hard to tune in on any old AM radio.  They've got the Mississippi coast covered, you might have a shot at it in Mobile or even Pensacola.  However if you're outside the listening area, all's not lost, because KLEB has a solidly functioning webcast.  So give it a listen, 6 to 10 weekday mornings.

Word of warning: much of the rest of the day they're playing swamp pop.  What is swamp pop?  It's a stunted branch of the tree of rock'n'roll that stagnated sometime in the late 50's, and not in a good way either.  I despise swamp pop in all of its foul manifestations.  So listen in the mornings and catch the good stuff!

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