Thursday, November 13, 2014

More Collarbone Adventures

Got to the ortho-doc this morning, and it went about like I expected: "Yeah, it's broken."  "Great, what can I expect over the next few weeks?"  "Yeah, it'll get better."  Then he wanted to talk about Big Bang Theory.  Nice enough MD, but there wasn't a whole lot of discussion of reassuring milestones along the path to recovery.  (No, really, I'm not complaining here, these guys see so many of these it'd be like explaining a car's shifter pattern.  But it's all new stuff for me!)  So... youTube to the rescue:  

Also, the doc though it would be useful for me to be in a figure-eight brace to keep my shoulders straight while this thing heals.  Naturally his office referred me to:
I have never seen such an astounding (appalling?) array of braces, splints, wheelchairs, walkers, and traction devices.  Take it from me: The Pros Trust ACME.

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