Sunday, February 8, 2015

This is where RadioShack managers seem to have gone.

Architecture Continues to Implode over at Forbes.

Wow, this is just jaw-droppingly bad stuff.  Exhibit A:
Design for post-Katrina rebuilding in New Orleans: FAIL

Really?  Designing houses to continuously remind people of what is likely the single most awful incident in their entire lives?  This is like designing VA hospitals to mimic war zone sights and sounds.  What kind of idiots ever would think this is a good idea?

Oh, and they cost ~4X what more livable houses cost.

Go read through that article at Forbes.  Click through on many of the numerous links.  It would be redundant to go through them all here.  The reality detachment in some people's thinking is so appalling that it leaves one's mind reeling, reaching for another cup of coffee, and heading out to the garden to regain some connection back with the universe as we know it.

I'm going to have to re-read this article a third time later today.  Not for the enjoyment mind you, but so that I can maybe get a better understanding of the weirdness of it all, to be able to better recognize and avoid said weirdness.

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