Wednesday, August 26, 2015

BBC Article About WWL

Here.  Interesting magazine-length article about the WWL staff's efforts to keep the region's one clear channel AM station on the air during Katrina and in its aftermath.

It is interesting how the map in the article shows the path of Katrina shifted west by 30 miles.  You're seeing history re-written, not by propaganda but by sloppy journalism.  "Katrina hit New Orleans, oh and some parts of fly-over country."  Well, not to minimize the suffering in New Orleans, but it wasn't ground zero, and the disaster there was more a result of decades of infrastructure neglect than of direct storm action.

Looking past the mainstream media's only-urban-areas-count tunnel vision, it is a good story about how vital radio, and AM radio at that, is when the chips are down.  I wonder if they'll even make any mention of the WQRZ staff's efforts?  You know, over where the storm actually hit?

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