Sunday, September 13, 2015

Adjust your seat. Then re-adjust it later.

Today out riding the trails I was thinking "this bike feels awfully tall, always has, just doesn't feel like a mountain bike, more like a road bike, my old Trek carved better," etc.  So I tested the leg extension while riding, and it seemed a tad high.  The next time I rolled through the trailhead, I paused for a moment to unpack a wrench and drop the seatpost a centimeter.  What a difference in handling!  Will do some more testing this week in the yard, and I'm thinking it needs at least another half centimeter.

I swear, it felt right when I set it up over two years ago.  Just goes to show, never stop leaving well enough alone.  I cannot help but wondering if last Fall's collarbone incident might have been avoided if I'd adjusted this sooner.  Only a centimeter – "Missed it by that much."

Note the helpful register marks.  All too easy.

Those big 29x2.2" wheels still seem almost clownishly oversized compared to the old 26x2.1" standard, but man do they ever roll over stuff.  Still learning how to handle this thing but two-plus years in, the old bike feels even more unnatural.

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