Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Robots of False Dawn

After all the promising youtube footage (bittage?) of these things ambling about in impressive and slightly ominous ways, it was beginning to look like, yes in fact, useful robots were soon to leave the factory floor.  Then word hit earlier this month that Google had unloaded Boston Dynamics.  Now the ugly truth is coming out from DARPA's most recent robot competition: these things are not ready for prime time, and probably not getting there anytime soon either.  Article at Popular Mechanics.
Slap on an "ACME" label and ship it...  to the scrap heap.

bonus article: EmDrive to finally undergo peer review.  About damn time.  If anybody can give me a coherent explanation of how this thing is supposed to work, I'll buy the beer, or a coffee, or whatever drinks are desired.  I strongly suspect that my wallet is safe on this one.

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