Sunday, May 21, 2017

Of Linux and Linkage

Spent a chunk of yesterday afternoon at the Southern Mississippi Linux Users Group meeting.  Helpful bunch, got a lot done on my little laptop.  There were just a few simple syntax, searching, and downloading hurdles that needed jumping, and the folks from SMLUG helped me across.

Then it Down To Work Part 1: Sort out the options for a SignaLink box to link the laptop to a variety of ham radios.  Turns out that the old 3.5mm plug interface to SignaLink has gone to the wayside, and now the only option is for USB.  That's a shame, because it pushes my iPhone off the options list.  (OTOH, with Apple eliminating the iPhone's analog port, maybe that ship was already sailing.)  Anyway, options chosen, orders placed, waiting begun.

Next for Down To Work Part 2: RTFM for fldigi and get really up and running on it.  It was pretty easy to get it to do some acoustically linked PSK31 with my iPhone, but that was more of a proof of concept.

Sometime next weekend or later, it'll be Down To Work Part 3: getting the whole USB-SignaLink-radio hardware & software integration going.  Indications from the internet are optimistic to the point of "pfft, this is trivial," but it ain't over until the fat lady sings.  Or at least warbles out PSK31 over 80 meters.

The good news though is that it looks like it'll all work with pretty much any radio in the house, including the various 2 meter FM radios lurking in the corners.  Parts on the way, and then we shall see.

I'll probably be a regular at SMLUG now.

Tux goes to the beach.  Evidently penguins can sail and surf, as well as swim.

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