Sunday, December 2, 2012

Return to DeSoto

Say it with the reverb cranked up: Return to DeSoto..o..o..o.  Yeah, well, between business and health it-shews and all, I haven't been riding on the home trails since... March?  Has it really been that long?  Yeah, guess so.  Anyway, I made it out there today and here are the pics.

Obligatory bike-leaning-against-tree picture.  Of course the bike had to lean against the tree, hell that tree could've fallen down if left to its own devices!

The Golden Road (or something like that).

Gnarly old roots in the bottom of a little branch of Tuxachanie Creek.  Frankly, it was a lot darker, deeper, and mysterious looking in person.  So pedal yourself out there and see it with your own eyes.

Along the power line cut.  Kind of stark, with the sharp edge of the woods, browned-off grass, big fall clouds, and the power lines themselves.

And that was about it.  No shocking sights, no bone-crunching falls, no unique bicycling moments.  Just a good day in the woods, after far too many days out of the woods.

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