Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What's on the radio?

Type your zip into Radio Locator and find all the stations in your listening area.  If that's not enough and you're into high-gain antennas, you can about triple the number of stations found by clicking the "Include Fringe Stations" radio button at the bottom of the listing.  (In this case, "fringe" refers to reception area, not content.  Too bad the latter isn't an option as well.)

Bonus: with a little more clicky, you can get oddly shaped station coverage maps, like this one:

What to clicky?  Clicky on the little yellow boxed 'i' next to the station, then click on the coverage map link(s).  There may be two, one for day, one for night.

Remember, the listings and coverage area maps only account for line-of-sight for FM and groundwave for AM.  Oddball tropospheric ducting can give greatly extended FM ranges occasionally and unpredictably, while night time skywave can more reliably extend AM ranges.

Good hunting.  You may find something interesting.  And if not interesting, perhaps at least unusual.

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