Thursday, June 6, 2013

Movie Review: "Now You See Me"

My review: three out of four stars, it's a bunch of fun, we were entertained solidly for two hours, and it's pretty much a living definition of the term "movie magic."  There were enough puzzles, twists, plot-hole-or-did-I-blink?, and pure-damn-spectacle to keep things hopping the entire time.  If you want more details, I don't have to type any more because here's a review that already says whatever else I'd say.  Hell, I'll even toss in another quarter-star for the constant wry insights on human nature, so make that 3.25/4.
Oddly enough, it's only getting about 45% favorable reviews over at Rotten Tomatoes.  Guess it didn't have enough social commentary about the downtrodden Freedonian polar bears or such for some people.

One thing I'd change though is the poster.  All that gray makes it look way too serious.  Give the subject and all the action, the poster should be a riot of primary colors.  Ah well.  Weekend's coming up, have some fun and go see the damn movie already.

ps: trailer at youtube.

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