Tuesday, September 17, 2013

First Pics of New Gen 6 Mustang

Still pretty rough, but here's a screen-grab:

taken from this video, down around the two minute mark.  Maybe the best part is that the car's being downsized a bit.  I mean, I like the ability to fold up a mountain bike and stuff it in the trunk of my 2012 and all, but a Mustang's really not supposed to be an SUV.

Also, more pics here at mustang6g's forum.  For that matter, mustang6g's main page usually has some interesting stuff, including this mildly conjectural rendering:
From the photo of the prototype at the top, this guesstimate looks pretty close.  Not sure about that nose yet, but I might be able to get used to it. I prefer the wide-grill look of the 2011-12's (and 1970-73's as well):
but with the right paint scheme the 2015's nose kind of grows on me.  Throw in a judicious downsizing to make it into the racy coupe it's supposed to be and Ford will probably have a big winner.

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