Friday, September 13, 2013

Movie Review: The Numbers Station is irrational.

Having been properly warned by Rotten Tomatoes, but hoping for a competent techno-spy thriller, or at least a guilty pleasures-type movie, I Netflix'd up this glossy-looking movie and sat down to watch.  OK, let's take care of the big problem in the plot first:
she: "Oh noes, we r trappd in this fully functional Cold War bunker radio station with teh bad guyz trying to drill in!" 
he: "And our phones linez r cutt!  We cannot calls for helps!"
With a plot hole that big from the get-go, there's no recovering this plummeting turkey.  All that is left is good acting by Cusack and Ackerman, competently executed stunts and explosions, an interestingly gritty setting, and a lot of spiffy Macintosh computers that somehow go "*dwerp*" at every keystroke.  There are several other lesser plot holes to round things out, but I won't belabor the point.

This movie does not even rise to the level of being a guilty pleasure.  One out of four stars.  Now if only I had a 100,000 Watt shortwave radio station to blanket Hollywood: If there is no story, then we don't care.

ps: If you don't know about numbers stations, go learn over at Wikipedia.

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