Friday, November 29, 2013

Low Power FM Stations: Five Coast Applications

As pointed out by American Bandscan, the FCC has released the new list of LPFM station applications.  Many of these won't make it through the full process and get on the air, but as of this week there are five applications in the Coastal counties.  West to east, they are:

  1. Diamondhead, Hancock Co. Amateur Radio Assoc.
  2. Long Beach, USM Gulf Coast Campus
  3. Gulfport, Islamic Center of Gulfport
  4. Biloxi, South East Region of Christian Education
  5. Ocean Springs, Ocean Springs Friends of WUSM
Two of the four should be pretty easy to receive here in The Bay, and maybe two more will be possible with an good tailwind.  Ought to spice listening up a little around here.

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