Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mustang Rattle Solved

Since I got it (May '12, has it really been that long?), there's been a little bit of rattle in the front wheel wells.  Not enough to.... well, I did take it in, and it wasn't enough for the half-deaf mechanic to hear.  But with colder weather, the plastic fender liners were sounding out what seemed a death rattle, and on both sides to boot.

Cool weather's a big plus for these jobs here, because the bugs are mostly asleep.  It's a consideration when the ground you're rolling around on is fire ant ground zero.

It was no big deal as it turns out.  The liners needed to be pinned between the rocker panel end and the metal fender tab, but both sides had been assembled with the liner flapping in the breeze behind the fender tab.  Once I tore into it, it was pretty obvious how it was all supposed to fit together.  A little bit of prying with a plastic bike tire lever to pop things over followed by a fun 80 mph test ride, and we're back to solid and silent like Henry Ford intended it to be.

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