Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blues Blackout

Those who know me know that I don't watch TV and don't have any weekly 'must see' show.  However I do listen to a certain blues radio show on a regular basis, and its start time seems to be some sort of signal for The Entire World to start calling my phone.  The show comes on 4-5 time a week, but just so everybody knows when to start dialing, I usually listen at
7-8 pm central Sundays
6-7 pm central Tuesdays

Starting with the next show my phone will be set to "I'm sleeping, do not disturb except in emergencies" mode.  Two particular people (you know who you are) can get through normally, but for everyone else you'll need to call twice in rapid succession to reach me.  But please, resist unless it's really an emergency.

I'm not trying to be a bastard about this, but damn, the last two times I was listening four calls poured in in both of those one hour time slots.  When they're playing music like this, you can see why I don't like having the show interrupted.

Better yet, you could listen in too.  Get one of these, or upgrade to one of these (or anything remotely similar) and if you're anywhere in the red here:
and the ionosphere is even marginally cooperative, you'll be good to go. Just call me (in the other 166 hours each week, please) if you want any details or help in setting things up.

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