Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Budget shortwave? No problem.

Several folks I know out there have Kaito 321 SW radios.  They're sweet little units, but they don't tune below 5.7 MHz, which is a real problem because depending on the season, Last Radio Playing (the electric blues show) may or may not be broadcast above that frequency.

Well things are improving with the lengthening days.  For the time being, you can dial in LRP at 6 pm on Tuesdays @ 9.350 MHz, and again at 7pm on Sundays @ 6.875 MHz.  It came in so well this evening that I didn't even need the external wire antenna.  Odds are that in a month or so all this will change, but by then you'll probably be able to receive the Friday evening show too.

Who said there's nothing good on the air?

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