Saturday, May 31, 2014

Led Zeppelin Roundup

Remastered re-releases of Led Zep I, II, & III hit the market on June 3rd.  That's this coming Tuesday!  Guess I'll get my order in soon.  After listening to a bunch of Robert Johnson over the winter, my ears have a fresh take on all things Zep.

On the same subject, here's an awful prank I pulled on a friend here in town.  The setup is that R is a musician, British, of the approximate vintage as the rest of the British blues bunch, and he is deeply steeped in the same music that inspired those bands.
Me: "So, I've been listening to a lot of Robert Johnson this past month."
R: "Good good.  Are you learning much?"
Me: "Well, he's very good, but his music just sounds like a bunch of acoustic covers of Led Zeppelin songs."
R: *sputter*
He was kind enough not to actually call me an ignorant colonial before he saw my evil grin and realized he'd been had.

In the meantime while you wait for your new disks, have a listen to Stairway to Gilligan's Island.

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