Thursday, September 11, 2014

More Pirate Radio

This time with actual broadcast content.  Given that 7/8 of all current broadcast stations are either (1) political talk, (2) oldies, (3) pop-country, or (4) spoits twak, it's no wonder fewer people are listening these day.  Well some people are taking matters into their own hands and broadcasting with, y'know, listenable content.  It's getting kind of out of hand up in Brooklyn it seems, according to the New York Post.  I wish them luck.  And low, low fines from the FCC.

Side note: Can we get just one station to broadcast Postmodern Jukebox?  Please.

Weird as it can get, I'm glad we have WQRZ locally.  It's a welcome break from the homogenized robo-player blend.

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