Sunday, September 28, 2014

Perspectives on Being Struck by Lightning

No, I haven't been hit.  Just some Sunday linkage.

> 500 sky-to-human strikes a year; ~90% survival rates, but it going to leave a mark.  Article on the long-term effects over at Outside Mag's site.

Pointed there by slashdot today.  From some of the comments:
A local doctor [] was struck by lighting and became a concert pianist as a result. You never know what might change your life forever.
All of them become conductors.
It's because they couldn't resist.
They should have stayed ohm that day. 
Would have been a chance to catch up with current events.
Some mood music, courtesy of MoAM?

Bottom line: don't be a dumbass around lightning storms.  The long-term effects of being struck are similar to those from a stroke.  You may be taunted by keyboard-weilding monkeys at slashdot.  And finally, you may have a decades-old surf rock tune stuck in your head.

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