Saturday, April 4, 2015

Tuxachanie Trail Conquered

Sure, it took four tries spaced over seven years, but at last I've finished the eastern Tuxachanie Trail section between Airey Lake and the P.O.W. camp.  On previous attempts, both maps and trail markings have been vague, but things are in good shape now and the trail was relatively easy to follow.  Took just over three hours to cover the eight miles with a friend from the ham radio club.  Naturally, we stayed in touch with various folks in the Biloxi area via 2m and the W5SGL repeater.  Here're a couple of pics:

Yes, that's a Jurassic Duck antenna attached to my camelbak with – what else? – duck tape.

Tuxachanie Creek was low today, but still flowing nicely.  Some of the hardpan bottom gave it almost a rapids effect.

Finally, on a related note of some minor interest, here's an article by a guy who hiked and camped it back in January.  Outstanding pictures.

Not really biking, but the "bikes" tag comes the closest.  Meh, it's close to the bike trails.

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