Monday, April 6, 2015

Week of the Broken Things

Since mid-day Sunday:
  • sliced open thumb on cheese grater.  Right thumb, naturally.
  • a friend called to report that the car I'd sold him two years ago had burned up.
  • washing machine finally died.
  • at work this morning, UPS died.
  • then after hastily shutting down both desktop computers, the Main Machine wouldn't re-boot.
  • car shop called this afternoon saying that their brake rotor lathe was down, so my car wouldn't be ready for at least another day.
And it's only Monday.  I'm not inclined to buy any lottery tickets for the next few days.  Here have some appropriate music.

The only bright spot was that the Main Machine's disk drive was easily transplanted into a surplus computer and things are sort of back to normal on that front.  I'm not counting on things to stay good for long, and the first order of business after that Frankenstein disk-transplant system came to life was a complete backup.  As far as the rest, it's nothing that a week's healing and a few hundred dollars won't fix.

Gonna go put on some blues music now.

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