Sunday, June 14, 2015

Movie Review: Jurassic World

Let's look at the checklist for a pure summer fun flick:
  • Builds on a well-known franchise.  Check.
  • Enough plot to string it all together.  Check.
  • But not so much plot as to weight things down.  Check.
  • Likable characters, who rise to the occasion when pressed.  Check.
  • The bad guys get devoured, while the good guys mostly make it home.  Check.
  • Comfortable as an old favorite pair of blue jeans.  Check.
  • While bringing new thrills to the show.  Double Check.
Well there you have it.  This movie was genetically engineered to be the ultimate summer popcorn monster-muncher, and its creators have succeeded.  Pop for the 3-D version, if it's available locally, it's that kind of movie.

Three out of Four Stars.

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