Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Paranormal Trifecta

Good news everyone!  Art Bell returns to the air on July 20th with his new show Midnight in the Desert.  But wait, there's more:
  1. Not just any late night paranormal show, this is Art Freekin' Bell, the guy who started Coast to Coast AM.  That's sure to be a step up in quality(?).
  2. It's on 9pm-midnight Pacific time, i.e. starts at 11pm Central time, a whole hour earlier than C2C.
  3. Not just on AM, not just on local FM, but it's also going to be broadcast on three shortwave frequencies: 5085 (WTWW, Nashville), 7490, and 9330 kHz (both WBCQ, Maine).
That's a paranormal trifecta!  Look, I don't buy into a lot of this stuff, but everybody likes a good late-night ghost story to fall asleep by, right?  And ghost stories are always better when they're received via skywave bouncing off the ionosphere.  So there, something good to look forward to late next month.

BTW if you're looking for a shortwave receiver, it's hard to go wrong with either a Tecsun PL-660 for $120 or at the low end a Kaito 321 for $20.  Naturally the 660 at 6X the price is a much more capable receiver, but either will get the job done if the ionosphere is cooperating.

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