Thursday, October 29, 2015

CQ DX Worldwide Contest Weekend

I'd never really gotten into ham radio contesting before, but this weekend was the big one, the local ham club was camping out in Desoto National Forest where it's very RF-quiet, and another operator explained the ropes to me.  I made a laughably small number of overseas contacts, maybe a dozen or so, but it was fun and a learning experience.  Here are a few images from some of the stations' pages at

Amazing what you can do with a little wire and 100 Watts.  Didn't get to use the random wire however.  The USFS has seen fit to trim all limbs below 30' from the pine trees in the Airey Lake campground, so a single point hanging inverted V 40/20m was all I could swing.  It worked well... enough.  Not a serious contesting station, just seriously fun.

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