Monday, October 5, 2015

WSM, Happy 90th Birthday!

It is amazing, but broadcast radio is rapidly sneaking up on its 100th year here in the U.S. Today is WSM's 90th, a milestone worth noting.
Here is a link to their main web site, here is a link to their 90th birthday page, and here is a link to their Wikipedia page.  WSM is not just another crusty old AM station limping toward obsolescence on a tired sports talk format.  They've stayed true to their music roots, and this station is the main reason "Nashville" and "Country Music" are so closely associated.  They also seem to be doing very well as a business by presenting well-curated music shows of widespread interest, making the most of their nighttime skywave AM clear-channel capabilities, and by moving onto the internet as well.  Here's to a smooth transition to digital broadcasting in the next decade.

Enough blogging for tonight.  I'm going back to the living room to listen.

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