Monday, December 28, 2015

FT-857D is All Together Now

Over the last few weeks I've posted a few things about a new radio: the purchase, initial setup, side rails, a go-bag, etc.  It's finally all coming together now, as you can see:
Yes, that is a cartoon ham on the bag.  Courtesy of the Darling Daughter.

There are a few more details, mainly revolving around the need for portable power before taking this thing hiking.  LiPO batteries are out there these days, and so are the prices.  Will have to do some more research analysis paralysis in the new year on these.  In the meantime, those side rails do a good job of protecting the faceplate and rear connectors from casual bumping around.  They're cheap insurance against broken controls, handy for handling the radio in a cramped truck, and are, well, pretty damn tacticool looking all around.  

Between the rails, the bag, and the mini-manual, this has all I need for the field.  Oh yeah, antenna and power source, but those are another couple of posts for another couple of days.

Anyway, everything got a full shake-down this past weekend for car camping by setting up and clamping to the truck's power system out in the yard.  Managed a half-dozen contacts from MD to AZ without any trouble at all.  Things are working out pretty well with this radio.

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