Wednesday, December 23, 2015

2015's Greatest Hits

Yeah, there's still a little more than a week left in 2015 and this is a little early.  But the time just feels right to put out this year's wrap-up post.  There will be a few more posts, but I don't have anything significant on tap: some pirate radio notes, FT-857D hiking kit tuning up, maybe pictures from a bike ride.  The best is here already.  So without further ado, here is the best month-by-month, plus one special mention.
Reviewing the Hubble Telescope's Accomplishments - astonishing
When Hobbies Collide - a VHF antenna on the CX bike
Book Discussion: "The Heritage of Heinlein" - learned a lot
Tuxachanie Trail Conquered - with radio, of course
Happy 100th Dad! - he's the one on the right
Book Review: The Martian - the hard stuff
Sci-Fi Anthology Review: Carbide Tipped Pens - hard, baby, hard
Initial Notes on the 6BTV Vertical Antenna - it's OK
Restaurant Mention: Peche, New Orleans - best fish I've ever tasted
"Where's the Flux?" Paper & Articles - probably warrants a follow-up soon
Six Inconvenient Loose Ends in Physics - in loose ends, there is research
More on Experimental Confirmation and Philosophy - still pondering
and Special Mention from January, Book Discussion: Marie Laveau, Voudou Priestess

Hmm.  I see some themes here: hard hard science fiction, radio of various sorts, the intersection of science and philosophy, some biking and outdoors activities, and... random life.  What will 2016 bring?  Maybe some adventure racing, maybe some Theremin playing, definitely more music.  Ah well, time to pack it up, see what tomorrow brings.

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