Thursday, January 7, 2016

Pirate Radio Follow-Up

On the heels of last month's review of 40 Watts from Nowhere, the following are submitted for your consideration:
  • a 2015 shortwave pirate activity summary
  • want to roll your own, legally?  The Prometheus Project's site is a good place to start.  Here's their article on our local LP station.
  • want to roll your own, small-time and sort of legally?  C.Crane makes a cute Part 15 compliant transmitter that might be worth having, if only to stream from your computer to your stereo in another part of the house.  
  • There are other, larger ones out there (try Amazon), but no guarantees as to their quality.
  • Either way, this guy will sell you a nice j-pole FM band transmit antenna.  Have your frequency and credit card ready.  I can vouch for the quality, been using one of his 2m antennas for nearly a couple of years now. 
  • What, you haven't picked a frequency?  Radio-Locator can help.  Type in your zip, then hit the "Find Unused Frequencies" link.  Man, Apalachicola has a lot of open space.
  • FCC commissioner Ajit Pai pretty much says that anti-piracy enforcement is now on the back burner, as reported at Radio World.  Probably not a green light, but at least a yellow one.
  • Me?  Oh hell no.  I worked to hard for my ham license, and furthermore I have no wish to inflict upon the neighborhood my mix of J.J. Cale, Joy Division, and Lydia Kavina's theremin yowling.
Yo-ho-ho, pirate radio.

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