Monday, February 22, 2016

Gravel Grind Update

This just in from the event organizers.  Even though you may not get a tee shirt, it's still not too late to get with this thing.  Now, the only remaining question... to camp or not?  Weather's going to be good, but probably not.  With only an hour and a half drive up, the time that would be spent breaking camp in the morning makes it about a wash, and I know which is easier.


Good day gravel grinders! I wanted to email everyone with a little bit more information about the event. 
--As mentioned in the flyers and on the registration site, you will need a photo id, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance to get on base, and no weapons are allowed on base. Please remember this, Camp Shelby is an active military base and has rules about being allowed on base. You will enter through the SOUTH GATE off highway 49 and there are signs to get to the museum. Directions can be found at
--Hotels are available in Hattiesburg, some along the intersection of highway 49 and interstate 59, and others around the intersection of highway 98 and interstate 59. As far is which is closer, they are both about the same. Staying along highway 49 you can just head sound on 49 to the gate, staying along highway 98 you will want to go south on interstate 59 to the highway 98 east exit 59, then exit onto highway 49 south toward the MS gulf coast. 
--Camping, cottages and cabins are available at Paul B. Johnson state park which is very close to the Camp Shelby gates. Fees and rules are available at and information on booking is at  
--Registration/check in will start at 8:30am, day of registration is allowed, so if you know anyone who decides last minute to come ride, please bring them! The ride will start at 10:00am with the 50 mile riders in front and 25 behind. The 25 mile is a lolipop loop with an aid station that will be passed twice. The 50 mile is a loop with 2 aid stations along the way. Aid stations will have water, fruit and gels. There will be a course sweeper so if you have trouble someone will be coming along to help. 
--After the ride stick around for chili, chips and soft drinks. 
--Most important of all... have fun! This is a relaxing ride on some fantastic gravel roads.
Thank you all for registering and we will see you on Sunday!

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