Saturday, July 8, 2017

Two for the Road

Two travel-ish web sites I frequent are Atlas Obscura and Messy Nessy.  While there are plenty of non-travel articles at each, what attracts me is the content pertaining to offbeat travel to offbeat places.  In particular, MN has their Don't be a Tourist odd destinations section, while AO has Unusual Trips, which is exactly what it sounds like.  But like I said, there's plenty of other stuff there too.

Go have a look around.

Obligatory Cut-and-Paste Graphics

ps: Was going to go road biking along the seawall, but a quick check outside showed heavy lightning-bearing clouds with "DARWIN AWARD" inscribed upon them.  So much for that idea.  Think I'll do bills instead.

pps: A listing of the top ten most educated Darwin Award winners here.  Embarrassing, and I have no desire to make it eleven.  Especially not while wearing lycra with a block of styrofoam strapped to my head.

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