Monday, July 31, 2017

Sunday Biking: September in July

Everybody's heard of events called "Christmas in July."  Well yesterday we had something akin to "September in July."  An unusually early cool front shoved aside this summer's rains and humidity for a day, giving us a high around 90 and humidity around 45%.  This breath of cool, dry air was a welcome break and felt a lot like a hot day in mid-September.  It made for good biking, with one small problem: the bugs didn't get the memo, so they were still out in force.

Anyway, it was a delight, and a good opportunity to get back on the mountain bike after Two. Solid. Months. Of. Rain.  Didn't get in enough miles before the heat and dehydration set in, but I did get in enough that I can be happy.

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