Sunday, January 20, 2013

Garden Start, 2013

Had a couple of nice weather days so it seemed like time to lay out the garden for this year.  Here's how far I've gotten:
The paving bricks had been just laying in a stack since I re-bought the house; I was glad to finally find a use for them.  Used all of the stack but about 15, it was a closely run thing.  Turned over the first few inches of soil to break up the grass, spread out about an inch of compost over that, layered on a plating of corrugated cardboard, mulched over the top with leaves, and finally wet it all down to get things working.  Total area is about 150 square feet, in three 2'x25' strips.  Should give plenty of room to work between rows, and cut down on the pest migration between plants.
What to plant?  Well, that's a month and a half away, but the current plan is for tomatoes, watermelons, peppers, and maybe some cilantro or whatever else random stuff I can find.  Strawberries too, but those will go into a separate off-the-ground pot(s).  Doodlebugs eat the fruit otherwise – or at least, that's what happened last year.
So much more to do: soaker hoses, more-more-more mulch, a short chicken wire fence to keep the rabbits at bay, and of course actually planting.  But the heavy lifting's done, and the rest is all the fun parts.

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