Saturday, January 19, 2013

WLCY, Undead Edition

So after last week's post about former-great WLCY, I had to see if its successor station WWMI "Radio Disney" could be received in the daytime half a Gulf away.  It took some fiddling with the radio and loop antenna, but there it was, the whiney voice of Miley Cyrus ground waving it across the salt water from St. Pete.  The fading was so bad that it wasn't really listenable – OK, for more than one reason – but nonetheless, there it was in all its disgusting undead glory: Zombie WLCY.

No luck getting WWMI at night via skywave though.  For some reason, the station broadcasts omnidirectionally in the daytime, but fires a beam to the south-southwest at night:
Perhaps it's a dastardly plot to add to the misery of the Cubans. For what it's worth, here's a view of the transmitter site:

NB: this post gets the radio tag, but most definitely does not get the music tag.

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