Thursday, January 31, 2013

Movin' Blues

I haven't been posting much lately, mainly because I've got the movin' blues.  Not a song, just a condition of life.

Moved my office across the parking lot to a temporary location while the main building had major work done.  Then moved out to have the floors re-done; got moved about 3/4 back in.  Then one of the kids moved stuff back in while taking off on a new career elsewhere.  Holiday Break!  Go on a road trip (pack, unpack, wash, rinse, repeat).  Then moved back to the main office building, and into (yay!) a new and bigger office.... after first moving the previous occupant's crap out of it.  So then I moved in...  Then the other kid over in New Orleans moved across town.  Now I'm back to moving in/unpacking that last 1/4 of the house, but I've got no energy or enthusiasm for it.  But I want to get to my stuff, so it's going to happen over the next month.

I'm not planning on moving again anytime soon.  Operative term is "planning."  The reality may prove to be quite different.  But if I see a U-Haul anywhere near me in the next few months, I may need medicinal help.

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