Saturday, June 7, 2014

Movie Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past

Intense is the best word to describe this movie.  It opens with a struggle-to-the-death scene with X-powers being used by a tightly coordinated team.  Then (no spoiler) we're snapped back to the 70's where we get more more more action.  Then it's back to the future with another struggle-to-the-death scene.  Interspersed there are more intense scenes of intense conversations where Very Important information and motivation gets passed from the future into the past, where hopefully it can do some good.  I came away with my money's worth from this movie, and exhausted.

About the plot, I'm not going to say much.  It's standard X-Men lore, it involves going back 50 years in time to re-align the headlights of history and re-make the present into a livable place.  Superpowers are used.  Antagonistic personalities clash.  Foes are vanquished.  If you're into all this, you're already along for the ride.  If you're not, there's probably another movie at the cinemaplex.  If you can't decide but some friends want to go, tag along and you'll have some fun.

A couple of other things bear mentioning, for their presence without being over-present.  Specifically, 3D and the 1970's.  Yes, you can tell things are going on in three dimensions, and it adds to the movie experience, but it's not over-done.  Perhaps 3D has finally grown up.  Then there's the 70's.  Sure, there's the obligatory 70's skew-view when Wolverine is first transported back (it's good for a quick bit of comic relief), and some of the hair and tech keeps reminding that it's not the 21st century.  However at no point did I feel swaddled in ironic polyester or subjected to disco music.  It was a relief to see both 3D and the 70's used to forward the plot, without being used as big clubs to bludgeon the audience.

If you're not into this kind of movie, that's OK, give it a pass.  If you've seen and liked any of the current crop of X-Men movies, this is worth a see.  3+ out of 4 stars.

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