Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Re-Issues of Led Zep I, II, & III

Yeah, these remasters are pretty good.  Really cleaned up a lot.  I'm most familiar with LZ II, having played it a lot back in high school, and even counting for the fuzzy memories, the remastered version is much improved.
Look, I was just starting first grade when LZ I was released.  By the time I got up through high school, the fresh was well worn off the band, and – at least in my peer group – this was just stoner music.  The fame and alcohol and drugs had blunted their initial blues-remade passion, and there was an air of fading big arena rocker cliche around them.  I probably won't go any farther into their catalogue than LZ IV – which I also picked up a fresh copy of, for about $7 from Amazon, and yes, I'll pop for the remaster if it ever comes out.  But after listening to Robert Johnson's stuff last winter, it's clear that there's something worthwhile here in Zepp's early stuff.  So, as the title of an Elvis Presley re-issue collection of his early good stuff put it, Reconsider Baby.  Like it or not, these are rock classics, and worth your money and listening time.

But don't take my word for it.  Here's a raft of reviews and commentary: Consequence of Sound on I, II, & III; American Songwriter on all three; and Mojo on the band in general.

Two more Led Zepp related notes: they probably won't be re-banding anytime soon, and it looks like the lawyer in the Spirit/Taurus/Stairway to Heaven lawsuit is a real piece of work.

Finally, that thing sticking up out of my back porch is not a lead Zeppelin.  It is in fact a copper slimJIM.

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