Saturday, July 11, 2015

More Adventures in PSK31

Being stuck at home with a gently swelling left side of my face – it's supposed to do that after a trip to the oral surgeon; all is well – it was a good day to work PSK31 digital mode contacts on ham radio.  Snagged the Whiskey Rebellion Festival special event station.  I like history and I like whiskey, so that was a home run.  (By the way, "special event stations" are something ham clubs set up at festivals, on historic occasions, etc.  It's kind of like how running clubs will put on a 5K for nearly any excuse.)  Anyway, I also had a handful of other digital conversations in the US, but I got started a little late in the day for Europe.  Maybe get some of those this morning.

The real coup though getting on the air to a friend in Biloxi, all of 25 miles away.  Coordinating through the club's repeater, we managed to get his Windows magic elf box sorted out and able to do the encode/decode.  We were sending on 40 meters, bouncing NVIS signals off the ionosphere to beat the curvature of the Earth.  Worked like a charm.

NVIS conceptual drawing.  Some assembly required.  Mountains not included.

Then we started turning down the power, and still maintained effortless contact at 1 Watt.  That was the cool part.  Of course, it was the +26 dB advantage PSK31 brings to the table relative to voice communications that did the trick here.  Well, I've said it before but here it is again.  PSK31:
It's kind of like The Matrix, only much, much nerdier.

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