Sunday, July 19, 2015

Today's Foxtrot Cartoon, Coastal Heat, etc.

Today's Foxtrot cartoon is unusually funny.  Link Here.

It's 101 outside in the shade here right now, and will probably reach a degree or two higher before long.  Time to stay inside and do inside projects.  Did put a new chain on the CX bike, maybe find time to ride it before dark.  Then there's the new 6-band vertical ham antenna, maybe get that put together and ready to deploy in the yard.  Got its mounting pipe driven into the yard, 7' down, after a late afternoon thunderstorm yesterday dropped temperatures by 20 degrees.  A rare respite, but even then high 70's and ultra-high humidity while doing hard work is not comfortable.  That's how it has to be for a while now: get things ready to do in the yard, then wait for a window to do them in.

People in Minnesota and other such places north of I-10 catch it in the winter.  We're well into the equivalent of being snowed in here now, and for the next month and a half.  This kind of heat can kill.

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