Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Return of Art Bell

Sure, it was fun listening in to Art Bell's return to the airwaves last night.  [official site, and my earlier comments]  Too bad I couldn't stay up past the intro material!  Things started off slowly with a short conversation with Crystal Gayle.  She wrote the intro music some time ago, inspired by his earlier show.  Then he took a caller who at first didn't realize that she wasn't talking to a screener but to the actual host.  That was pretty funny.  After that... dunno, I woke up some time later listening to blank airspace after the show had gone off.

About receiving the show down here in the gulfcoastboonies, shortwave worked pretty well.  WTWW 5085 kHz from Tennessee was fairly clean, though WBCQ 7490 & 9330 kHz out of Maine were both useable signals.  I'll have to see how CFRX 6070 kHz reaches from Canada another night.  Those are all of the shortwaves, and here's a complete listing of stations, including the more common AM & FM.  But really, shortwave is the preferred medium for this sort of stuff.  "The bitter comes out better on a stolen guitar," and the weirdness comes out better when it's bounced off the ionosphere.

Well, I'll just have to try again some other night.  At least it's on at 11pm, which puts it solidly in my winding-down time.  Nothing like a good ghost story before bed.

PS: Thomas over at The SWLing Post recorded the show and put it up for download! <here>  That's a great site, give the guy some traffic.
PPS: Link's gone, in a puff of greasy copyright infringement smoke.  Like so many good things, if you blinked you missed it.

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