Sunday, November 15, 2015

Just Before Deer Season...

Season Listings here.  Looks like today was the last shot, er, chance to go mountain biking before deer season begins in earnest.  Yes, yes, there are all kinds of primitive weapons and youth seasons, but the numbers of people aren't out there for those.  "Gun and Dog" season is the start of the heavy stay-out-of-the-woods stuff.  But it's only for a couple of weeks.

Anyway, here's a group shot, er, photo from this morning's ride:
Yes, that's someone with a bright blue cyclocross bike, and just to the right of him is a guy on an Ellsworth downhill bike.  We cater to all types, but it's rare that you see a CX and a DH being ridden successfully together.

Also note the stylish, seasonal attire sported by three smart riders.  That fashionable orange hue can be your too, for a big $14 in the deer killin' section of Wal-Mart.  Starting, oh, about now, don't leave the trailhead without it.

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