Sunday, November 22, 2015

Meanwhile, down at Oak Street...

Today was the 9th Edition of the Oak Street Po-Boy Fest over in New Orleans.  Here's a street scene (not my snapshot):
It got even more crowded, and was pretty much a big happy mob by 2pm.  Luckily we arrived just after 12pm so the lines weren't too long.  I guess we ate at... five?  six? different places, usually splitting a small size so the we could keep on sampling.  Most memorable was a sort of Thai duck barbecue with cilantro and Siracha sauce.  After that... oysters and bacon.  And char-grilled oysters on the half-shell.  There were several others, but it blurs together.

Here are some articles from the Times-Picayune: a general write-up, and this year's winners.  And of course, many, many pictures.  See that blue sky in the picture above?  Perfect sweater weather, it could not have been any better for this sort of event.

Then it was off for coffee and more coffee to wash a way the sleepies before the drive home.

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