Sunday, November 8, 2015

Seafood Festival, 2015 Edition

Just back in town from a trip over to Apalachicola for the Florida Seafood Festival.  I'm sure some pictures will trickle in from friends and family over the next week or so, but I don't have any at the moment.  In the meantime, here's a bullet list of the highlights: 
  • 1am arrival, a six hour after-work drive.  That works a maximum of once per week.
  • A quick check-in with all the shops (here, here, and here; oh and here) in my building downtown.  Everything's cool.
  • Lunch at Dolores' Sweet Shop.  Greek salads all around!
  • Quick trip to consult with a friend on an RF transmission problem.
  • Nap.  (see first item)
  • Backyard get-together featuring cheap rye whisky, very good cigars, and flawless oysters from Allen Seafood.
  • Parade.  Sort of saw a lot of it, mostly caught up with old friends.
  • Lunch of gumbo at 13 Mile Seafood's retail shop.  Day-yum!
  • A quick turn through the main festival booths.  Didn't get much, just a truck window decal proclaiming "Mullet Life."
  • More visits with old friends.
  • Beers at the Oyster City Brewing Company.  Had their Red Snapper IPA for the first time, very good stuff.
  • Another backyard/beachfront get-together, this time featuring a bonfire and smoked mullet dip.  Oh yeah!
  • Minor furniture re-arranging, packing out, saying of good-byes.
  • The heaviest rain hit before I'd left the city limits.  It only got better from there on the drive home.  An easy six hours.
Good weekend.  More later.  I am sure that I left out something more than the pictures.

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