Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Linux, Chirp, Programming Radios, and All That

Just got chirp up and running on my Linux laptop, and it could not have been easier.  Here are a few notes to help you along – or perhaps more like to help me remember, sometime in the distant future:

  1. here's the how-to-download page:  Yeah, just follow the instructions there, it's all automagic.
  2. I didn't need the "sudo addgroup "$USERNAME" dialout" from the subsequent troubleshooting link, which is fortunate because my machine griped at me when I tried it anyway.
  3. The USB device chirp wants in the pop-up menu is /dev/ttyUSB0 which was the last one on the list, as it happens.
After all that, it was just the usual radio-specific Vulcan neck-pinchery, as spelled out in two posts last week, here for FT-60 instructions and here for everything else.  And remember kids, get the cable with the FTDI chip (costs more, but it's worth the hassle-free operation), and if when you get stuck, youtube is your friend.

Guess I'll have something to talk about at the next SMLUG meeting.

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