Saturday, August 12, 2017

Of Cows and Flat Rocks

The skies have been intermittently raining here for Three Solid Months.  Sometimes pouring, sometimes merely raining, frequently threatening but not actually precipitating, and occasionally in apocalyptic man-the-lifeboats quantities.  Now I grew up in north Florida in a house without air-conditioning, so do I know a thing or two about humidity, but what we're getting here is a whole new level.  Sure, there's sometimes that steamy afternoon where it rains at noon and then the sun comes out blazing by noon-thirty.  That's miserable, but it's generally over by evening and then all is well.  This three month binge however...  October and its cold fronts can't get here soon enough.

We'll see how much good the new dehumidifiers can do tonight.  I suspect it'll be akin to trying to hold back the tide and the Second Law of Thermodynamics simultaneously.

Ah well, got a CX ride in on the seawall this morning before the regularly scheduled afternoon deluge began.  Guess that's something.

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