Saturday, August 5, 2017

Worth a Mention: SARNET-FL

"Statewide Amateur Radio NETwork in FLorida."  The "SAR" part doesn't have anything to do with search-and-rescue in this case.  Anyway, it's a stand-alone microwave-linked set of 70cm band ham repeaters scattered all over Florida, accessible with nothing more than an FCC Technician amateur radio license and a $13 Baofeng hand-held.  It sounds a little complicated, but having tried it out while barreling down I-10 through Crestview back at Christmas, I can attest that this thing is absolutely trivial to use.  You can get the rest of the details at their web site  Here's a map showing approximate repeater locations:

Hmm.  Combine with the Florida Trail, toss a programmed FT-60 or FT-817 into the pack, and I see a potential adventure appearing on the horizon.
Lots of overlap, but there are some coverage gaps too.  Better bring the FT-817 to bridge those UHF gaps with HF.

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